The Sequel: Stronger

If Free had you on the edge, than Forte's sequel Stronger is going to make you leap into your destiny. Dream learns how to overcome her fears, climb her way to the top of success, and love again. With a new business venture, more net worth  and a new love interest nothing could be more perfect! However, no matter where Dream goes, drama and hell follow her.  Betrayal, hatred and deception become thematic, and the humiliation is exposed. Will her heart and soul ever mend? Will she give up in her dreams? Who will be there to catch her? Will she survive ? This novel indeed is only for the lionhearted!

Get to Know Her

Brandi Forte is truly the epitome of Black Girl Magic! Published author of 3 books, Forte has written for a dozen of national and local publications as a renowned and veteran journalist. A voice for the powerless, Forte's focus is using non-traditional methods to bring about RADICAL  CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION for this generation and generations to come.

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It's Not About Who they Say You Are, It's about  What You Believe. The Quest to Know Thine Self is the Ultimate Life Experience

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