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In My Truth

Everyday that I wake up I aim to be real. I aim to be the most naked part of me. I am vulnerable to Self and I surrender to God. I'm not perfect by far and to be honest I am not interested in being perfect. As a writer and voice of this generation I desire to be responsive, cutting edge, welcoming Godly  energy, and a bridge to empowerment. I will address the disparities, adversaries, what's hot, what's classic, and Then again I will address all of the injustice that is blazing in my soul. I'm emo.

 Then again, what I say maybe in a unforgivable tone, sometimes ratchet, and other times rough around the edges, but I won't lie to you. I won't deceive you. I will move wit the anointing, uncut and unrehearsed nature. Angelic yet revolutionary. My gun is my pen. The ammunition are my words. Tune in, tap in, listen, I may whisper or roar...put your seatbelt on.

The Brandi Forte Podcast Coming March 2022!

Stay Tuned